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Infidelity and Addiction: A Double Danger

mental wellness Mar 15, 2018

Between 2000 and 2015, there was an average of around 850,000 divorces and annulments each year, as measured by the CDC. A vast majority of these relationships ended due to infidelity, financial issues, and mistrust – all issues closely associated with drug addiction.

But, what makes an addict stray from the bonds of matrimony? The answer may not be as simple to come by as face value would suggest.

Many roads lead to infidelity

According to the substance abuse disorder experts at Swift River, there are a number of factors that may lead an addict into the arms of another. Addictive personalities are at a higher risk of engaging in risky behaviors, such as having unprotected sex with strangers or multiple partners. Others still employ sex as a means of obtaining drugs or alcohol. Sex may be used as currency to fund habits the addict wishes to hide from their partner, who likely has access to the family’s finances. Another common reason that addicts cheat is to feel a...

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The Transformational Journey

Unexpected Challenges

Imagine a group of friends getting together for a fun outing. It’s one of those warm, low-humidity days, with abundant sunshine and a refreshing breeze. Their adventure is a spontaneous event, so they decide on a whim to drive to a neighboring county, where they will hike a trail in a large state park.

None of these friends has been to this park before, so they are looking forward to a day of fun and new experiences. Several of the people in the group had thrown on flip flops before rushing out their doors, inspired by the warm weather. The group chooses a difficult trail, which the flip flop wearers don’t expect to be a problem.

About half way into the hike, they encounter narrow paths carved into the sides of rock. They have to climb metal ladders embedded in the sides of cliffs to continue moving along the path. Needless to say, the friends wearing flip flops soon wish they would have worn more substantial footwear.

Where Are the Warning Signs!?

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Tips for Mental Wellness in Pennsylvania

mental wellness Feb 16, 2018

Living in today’s fast-paced world can be very stressful at times. Thanks to smartphones and email, you’re never quite done with work. Even though northeast Pennsylvania is beautiful and rich in history, it’s easy to forget the fun things to do as pressures from work, school, and family mount.

All this builds up and hurts your mental wellness. Depression, anxiety, and more can make your days hard, keeping you from living the life you deserve. Thankfully, there are ways you can improve your mental wellness while living in Pennsylvania. But first, you need to appreciate how serious it can be to have mental health problems.


Image Source: Pixabay


Why Mental Wellness Is So Important

One of the biggest reasons why your mental health needs support is the mind-body connection. The two might seem separate (you don’t think with muscles), but they are interconnected. What happens to one will affect the other.

That means being stressed, anxious, or...

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Hope for a Better Future...

Unfulfilled Longing

Mr. and Mrs. Smith. She works, makes meals, and tends to the kids. He works long hours, comes home and eats supper in exhausted silence. She longs for connection with her husband. He strives to do a great job, because he longs for his boss’s approval, to prove he’s valuable and has worth. Meanwhile, he neglects his family. She wants to feel loved and cherished, but she ends up withdrawing into her own pain. If only they would move closer to each other, experience deep connection, and be strength for each other.

Whether married or not, each of us can relate to the issues Mr. and Mrs. Smith struggle with. We long for approval, for connection, for peace, and for feeling like we have value. Yet, often we go through life wounded and living with unfulfilled longings.


What would life look like if we could actually know and experience we really are cherished and loved? What if we did not have to destroy ourselves and our relationships with a...

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The Transformational Counselor

Professional and Christian

What would it look like for a counselor to blend her professional training with her Christian faith? This question has been around for a long time, and we have asked this of ourselves, too. We believe a counselor may successfully combine her Christian Faith with the best of professional counseling theories, models and interventions: Christian on purpose; Professional on purpose. So where does the transformational part come in?

A Transformational Counseling Orientation

Our approach to counseling includes an understanding of the Christian Faith which feeds naturally into Grace Like a River’s distinctive transformational focus. The Christian Faith is not a philosophy or a system of teachings, though both are part of the Faith. At its heart, Christianity is a relationship with God—an encounter of loving communion between persons—that leads to:

  • Healing human wounds and brokenness.
  • Freedom from conscious and unconscious destructive beliefs,...
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