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Do you accept insurance?

Grace Like a River counselors are committed to honoring Christ at the center of our clients’ experience. Of course we do not force clients to pray or to even be Christians. To force a client to believe or act against his or her will is unethical. However, we want to make a truly Christian perspective integral to healing and lasting change, because we are convinced that only God is able to touch and heal the core of a person’s deepest self. If we were to accept insurance, we would be committing ourselves to pressures and oversight that would begin to limit our ability to function freely as Christian counselors. We make available to clients the unique approaches that draw on 2,000 years of Christian practice, going beyond cosmetic alterations of thinking and behaving to deep structural change of the person.

Not accepting insurance has a number of other benefits as well. You will not be limited by your insurance company with regard to how many counseling sessions you may have. Your counselor will not be forced to assign a diagnostic label to you in order for your insurance company to make a payment. Your counselor will have freedom to choose the model and interventions that he or she believes are best for you and your particular circumstances and problems.

What is your fee?

We charge $90.00 per session. A session is 50 minutes long. For those who are not able to pay the full fee, we have a number of supports available, such as a scholarship program. Often, clients are able to secure supplemental payments for sessions through their church, family, or friends. You can book an appointment through our online scheduler or by calling 717.516.1199.

Do you have a sliding scale?

No, we do not have a sliding scale. However, we realize not everyone is able to pay our full fee. In addition to our scholarship program, we have arrangements with several churches in the area in which the church has agreed to pay a certain amount per session for anyone who is a member of their church. If you are interested in having your church partner with us to help others afford our uniquely Christian and transformational approach to counseling, please talk to your pastor. Ask him or her to call us to make arrangements for supplementing the cost of those from your church who desire counseling with us.

What is your scholarship program?

Our scholarship program is offered to those who need financial assistance and could not otherwise pursue counseling.

Through donations of those wishing to provide Grace Like a River Counseling to a larger number of clients, we are able to supplement what some of our clients can afford. Such generous actions make a real difference in the lives of those who qualify for scholarship program money. If you are interested in donating to the scholarship program, please contact us. We welcome your partnership with us!

What do you mean by transformational approaches?

Transformational approaches in counseling have to do with the ways our counselors are equipped to guide clients to invite God directly into the healing process. Our counselors use their training to identify sources of problems and to apply appropriate interventions to these identified problems. They also use principles of healing and change to guide clients to be open to the Holy Spirit bringing to mind specific issues, wounds, or experiences in need of God’s healing and transformative presence.

Transformational approaches are not merely techniques that a counselor uses according to numbered steps. Rather, the counselor is personally responsible to be in a living, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ, the Father, and the Holy Spirit—growing spiritually and addressing personal wounds with the healing presence God provides. It’s not only about what the counselor knows, but who the counselor is. The counselor relies on his or her sense of God’s direction in each moment of the counseling session, inviting clients as they are ready to turn toward the work God has for them to bring about authentic inner change leading to wholeness and health, personally and relationally.

What is transformational prayer?

Transformational Prayer takes place when a counselor knowledgeable about transformational approaches helps a client engage in prayer. The counselor and the client pray. When the client is ready, he or she asks God to show how painful emotions, unhealthy behaviors, and distorted thinking are related and what their source is: the wound or experience(s) that gave birth to lies, to self-protective behaviors that are unhelpful and unhealthy and to the painful and destructive emotions that imprison a person.

The counselor helps the client invite Jesus Christ into such memories. This provides the opportunity for the client to experience in real time the healing presence of Christ applied to wounds that occurred in the past (whether recent or from many years ago). No human is able to spiritually, mystically enter into the heart and memory of another person. Only God can do this. Even if a human were able to enter into another human’s heart and memories, he or she does not possess the power to heal and transform the inner reality of another person—we can’t do this even for ourselves. God alone has the power to heal us at the very core of our wounds, and Transformational Prayer is the process of letting God identify and heal what is broken or wounded.

What if I don’t want to do transformational prayer as a part of my counseling?

If you do not desire to engage in Transformational Prayer or to make Christ central to the counseling process, we will honor your desire. Sometimes, people who are not Christians want to work with a counselor who shares their values about life. Such clients may not be interested in transformational prayer, but they are concerned that their counselor will support, rather than undermine, their values as they partner together to address problems. We are happy to help such clients move toward healthier ways of living, thinking, and problem-solving.

Do you see people from all Christian denominations?

Absolutely! Our counselors represent a number of Christian traditions and backgrounds. Grace Like a River is not affiliated with any one particular denomination or Christian group, and we are delighted to work with Christian clients, no matter what church group they call home.

Do you see people who are not Christian?

Yes! As mentioned above about those who do not want to participate in transformational prayer, we honor client preferences about how overt or not to be about Jesus Christ and the Christian Faith. We have a history of non-Christians who have chosen to benefit from Grace Like a River’s counseling services, precisely because they know we are Christian, and they are comfortable with our values. We cannot stop being Christian, yet we approach the counseling process with sensitivity and respect for our clients, which is a Christian virtue in itself.



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