Hello, I’m Dr. Shawn Geraty, founder and owner of The Transformational Journey and Grace Like a River Counseling.  What is most important to me are my relationships and roles as a husband, father, son, friend and child of God.  What I do professionally and vocationally is an overflow of these relationships.  I’m also the primary author of content on this website along with special guests.

In my journey as a well-trained Christian counselor, I have been drawn to what brings authentic change in individuals’ lives.  I understood and believed in the benefits of counseling and sitting with a caring, empathic and trained counselor.  A counselor who would help you bring awareness and understanding to woundedness, emotional pain, addictions and difficult relationships.  One who would help you navigate the challenging waters of life and help you see what you can’t see alone.

There came to be a certain dissatisfaction with traditional approaches to counseling that would help individuals cope and manage their pain better, but not bring true transformation and wholeness.  I began a journey in discovering how people’s hearts and minds are truly transformed.  How does one experience this kind of transformation?  The kind of transformation we see recorded in Scripture and see in people’s lives on occasion.  Why weren’t we seeing this kind of transformation in counseling?

I began a quest to discover the answer to these questions and found that what leads to transformation is often very different than the typical counseling process.  We need a different type of process and journey that leads to true transformation.  Something very different than striving harder to be whole, think, feel and respond differently.

A Redemptive Thread

In this quest and journey to find an answer to these questions of what produces real transformation in individuals’ lives, God reminded my of my own personal healing journey.

I grew up living in a multi-level home where my maternal grandparents lived with us on the second floor.  It was wonderful having my grandparents’ influence and love in my life.  When I was fourteen, my grandfather passed away shortly after Christmas.  It was sudden and unexpected.  For me, it was like losing a father.  In essence my grandfather was like a father to me.

I grew up with a loving mother and father and was blessed by having grandparents this close.  The loss was deeply felt and I grieved…  God reminded me of a youth retreat I attended a few weeks later where the grief overflowed.  There was a youth leader present who knew how to position people in God’s presence in healing prayer to receive His comfort and love.  This gentleman knew I was struggling with the loss of my grandfather and invited me into a place of prayer where I received directly from God in a way that brought the depth of comfort and peace I longed for.

This experience was very transformative.  God reminded me of this a few years ago of how He allowed me to engage my own healing journey in a way that would later be multiplied in other people’s lives.  As a result, I have been led to integrate these kinds of healing approaches with trained Christian counseling.

Our Content

For years, I have longed to see others beyond my counseling practice experience this kind of healing and transformation.  The purpose of this website is to help facilitate your transformational journey.

  • There is valuable free content that is designed for each of us as we engage our journey.
  • This free content consists of weekly blog posts, podcasts and a free course (coming soon) that will encourage you down your path and help you discover principles to lasting change in your life.
  • You will also have an opportunity to purchase content for a deep dive in your own transformational journey.

Vocational Journey

My educational journey has centered around helping others in their journey toward wholeness culminating in doctoral work that focused on the impact of knowing God’s love in the midst of life’s struggles and internalizing one’s sense of worth or identity. I have had the privilege of helping and supporting clients in private practice in South Central Pennsylvania since 1995 – 20 plus years of experience, helping hundreds of men, women, couples, adolescents, and children with a wide range of issues. The Grace Like a River practice was created in 2012. For 15 years, I also served as a counseling pastor in a local church setting. The nature of expertise God has graced me with has been a distinctive part of my practice.  My vocational journey has provided both counseling and pastoral-related training and experience. This empowers me to address client needs from two major perspectives and apply graduate-level training and years of experience in spiritual, emotional, and psychological issues to meet the needs of my clients.

Another unique feature of my practice is the specialty of transformational approaches blended with Christian counseling skills. There is a commitment to helping others experience authentic life change, while creating a safe place for people to launch their journey toward healing and wholeness.

This specialty of integrating transformational prayer and spiritual formation approaches in counseling has brought great joy and leads to authentic change. My passion is to facilitate God’s love and truth so people may experience wholeness and fulfillment in their relationships and lives.

Family and Interests

One of my greatest joys is being married to a wonderful wife for the past 25 years and a father to four amazing children. I enjoy fly fishing and prayer walks by the water, as well as enjoying the outdoors with my family.

Contact Information

You can contact me via e-mail, call 717.516.1199 or follow me on Facebook.


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