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The Grace Like a River team enjoys both a diversity and depth of experience. First and foremost, each team member of Grace Like a River has a thriving relationship with Jesus Christ. We are a team of well-trained Christian counselors who desire to see people engage their journey toward wholeness. We are also a team of individuals who have engaged their own healing and spiritual journey so that we might comfort with the comfort we have been given. (2 Cor 1:4)

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Dr. Shawn Geraty, DMin, MA


Dr. Shawn specializes in integrating healing approaches within Christian counseling.  These approaches include transformational prayer and spiritual formation that produces authentic lasting change in people’s lives.  He utilizes attachment based interventions to address relationship and intimacy issues.  Shawn also has expertise in treating depression, anxiety, addictions, grief and loss, trauma, and dissociation.


Emma Franczak, MA


Emma specializes in treating depression, anxiety and anger in women, as well as addressing parent/child relationships, attachment, children and adolescents.


"First, Shawn is a good man. His is not a traditional counseling technique. Because he truly believes in his work he will tweak his interaction with you but always with Jesus as the real facilitator. He enjoys a well-deserved growing local reputation as one who truly can help those who are in pain. I highly recommend that you try him, he has brought real change to my life."


"I'd recommend Grace Like a River without hesitation!"


"I am a pastor, a counselor, and a professor of counseling on the graduate level, and when someone in my family needed counseling, Shawn was the first person I contacted. I regularly refer people (children, adults, married couples) to Shawn because of his caring, warm personality, his heart of compassion for people, and his ability to understand the spiritual, emotional, relational, and physical needs of people where they are. I highly recommend Shawn to anyone who needs counseling."


"Shawn is a very insightful counselor, and we wouldn't hesitate to refer others to him!"


"A wonderful human being who brings you into your care program. It is truly a life-changing experience that works for all ages. Not just a dispassionate analysis but a caring healing experience."


"I highly recommend Grace Life a River. Shawn is a truly gifted counselor. I was new to the transformational prayer approach to counseling and I found it very helpful and effective. My short time working with Shawn was just what I needed for practical steps to move forward in God's leading in my life and begin healing surrounding some anxieties."


"I have referred a number of folks to Shawn, and have had very positive feedback from everyone without exception. Very effective, and a completely different approach to counseling than most. I trust Shawn completely."


"I highly recommend Shawn at Grace Like a River. He was instrumental in guiding me through a difficult and confusing time of my life. I have referred many of my friends to him when they are dealing with complex situations. They all have greatly benefited from their time under Shawn's counseling!"


"I highly reccomend Shawn at Grace like a River. He helped me through a rough period of post partum depression/anxiety. His gentle guidance through the healing process was just what I needed."


"Working with Shawn Geraty over the past year has helped me to grow in ways that I didn't know were possible. It truly has made a huge difference in my life. I highly recommend him to anybody that would like to learn how to heal and deal with their personal issues."


"I recommend Shawn Geraty at Grace Like a River Counseling. He is a very gifted counselor with an ability to bring people into God's healing presence. He has been very good at listening to me each session and quickly discerning where to focus and then inviting Jesus to bring healing and truth. I appreciate Shawn's combination of counseling with Presence-based healing."


"There are places in my soul where I've been stuck. I’ve wanted to thrive in life … but couldn't. I needed help. I’ve found that there are counselors who will let you sit and talk about your problems. There are others whose goal is to help you heal. Shawn knows that Holy Spirit longs to heal us. He skillfully leads me back to the broken places - the places where I became “stuck”, and we invite Holy Spirit to show us the truth about those times. As I encounter the truth of God’s presence during the toughest times of my life, the twisted knot in my soul unravels and I feel God's love and peace again. I'm thankful for Shawn's wisdom and his reminder to look for God’s presence and compassion."


"I have used a number of counselors over the years, and I can say that Shawn has without question been the most effective. He has been able to change the type of counseling we do based on my need, while still moving me forward in my journey for emotional healing. His love for broken people like us is evident and should you walk down this road with Shawn you will be treated like a person, not a paycheck. I recommend Shawn on a regular basis to people I run into and we have all had the same result. He is a good man and If you are seeking help, he is a great person to bring along on your journey."



We were never met to journey alone. There are seasons in life where we can benefit from compassionate ears and another set of caring eyes to help us down our path.


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Dr. Shawn is the founder and owner of Your Transformational Journey and Grace Like a River Counseling. He has a strong commitment in helping others experience authentic life change, while creating a safe place for people to launch their journey toward healing and wholeness.
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